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Most volleyball matches last between 60 and 90 minutes. And the duration of a typical single volleyball game is 20 - 25 minutes long. How Long is a Volleyball Game for Junior High School and Youth Volleyball? The junior high level and younger teams will often play a shortened match length. Most games are played in a ‘best of three’ format.

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A typical volleyball game played to a best 2-of-3 sets usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes, though there’s no time restriction in a volleyball game. Each set may take around 20-30 minutes. A Rally Point System is used in the game, and whichever team gains 25 points wins the set, as long as they lead by 2 points.

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The duration of the volleyball game in professional level is 28 minutes and 35 seconds per full set and based on 20 years of experience in amateur volleyball games I can say average amateur game last around 20 minutes per set.

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In most competitive volleyball settings, each team is allowed two timeouts per set played. Depending on the competitive level, each timeout will have a duration of between 30 and 75 seconds. For example, the FIVB allows two timeouts of 30 seconds per set, while the NCAA allows two timeouts of 75 seconds per set.

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One thing about the game of volleyball is that each of its level has some factors that lengthen or shorten the duration of a match. Like we said earlier, most professional volleyball games last between 60 and 90 minutes. So, the duration of a typical 7 th grade single volleyball game should be between 20-25 minutes.

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Generally, we see a volleyball match lasts or game time is 60 to 90 minutes, where there are 3 games, each taking either 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Clocking does not include a factor. It mainly depends on volleyball skills by either side volleyball players or teams worn equipment .

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In professional play, volleyball games usually last 60 minutes, while social play is generally 45 minutes overall. Six players are positioned on opposite sides of the net, with three in the front and three in the back on either side. To win in volleyball, 25 points must be scored.

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A volleyball match duration varies drastically depending on how even the teams are and how many sets up being played. However this doesn’t answer the question above does it. With that being said I compared the length of the last 10 matches played in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship 2019 Held in Betim.