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US Soccer Referee Fitness Program 60 Day Fitness Test ...

US Soccer Referee Fitness Program 60 Day Fitness Test Training (Off Season) Day -60 Rest or Active Recovery Warm Up: 10 to 15 min low intensity low impact movement Cool Down: 5 to 10 min static stretching, all major muscle groups General Strength: 5 to 10 min core strength / mobility exercises

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6 Week Training Plan for the FIFA Referee Fitness Test

Here’s a suggestion: Start with the end goal in sight and work backwards. Week 1: Complete the required run and walk/recovery distances at 80% intensity (i.e. 120% of the maximum allowable time). Week 2: Complete the required run and walk/recovery distances at 85% intensity (i.e. 115% of the maximum allowable time).

Fitness Training | Professional Soccer Referees Association

Fitness Training. 100 Exercises and Workouts for Soccer Referees (2010-10-05) From fitness expert Bill Jordan at Slippery Rock University comes “100 Exercises for Soccer Referees”; a robust and detailed list of speed, endurance, interval, and field exercises designed specifically to help soccer officials reach their full potential on the soccer field.

Performance Training in Football Refereeing Training Advice

Phase 1: Cardiovascular warm up; this should ideally consist of 5-10 jogging, gradually building heart rate up to 85%HR. max. Phase 2: Dynamic mobility exercises performed over ideally a 16 m course, i.e., from the goal line to the penalty box.

Football/Soccer: Referee Fitness Programme Session #1 ...

Start at the corner arc and jog out to the corner of the 18yrd box. From there spring to the opposite corner of the 18 yrd box (referees diagional). Run into the box to the goal line then walk out to the corner and repeat for 5 minutes.

Referee Training Options - Soccer Referee USA

U.S. Soccer Referee Department Referee Training Program The training programs presented below are designed to prepare referees for the physical aspects of officiating at the highest level. They also serve as helpful training tools for the interval test administered at professional camps and Referee Training Seminars.

FIFA Fitness Test for Football Referees - KJB Training

FIFA Fitness Test. The official fitness test for football referees consists of two tests. Test 1, Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA), measures the referee’s ability to perform repeated sprints over 40m. Test 2, Interval Test, evaluates the referee’s capacity to perform a series of high-speed runs over 75m interspersed with 25m walking intervals.

FA Learning Fitness for Refereeing - Football Referees

fitness training is ideal for match official operating in junior or youth competitions. Intermediate A match official who is used to fitness training and officiating at ‘Intermediate County Level’. Level 6 to 5. Advanced A match official who has been taking part in fitness training for some time and has a good base level of fitness. A match


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